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Foundations for Journaling with the Inner Critic

February 03, 2023 Roshnii Rose, JourneySong
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Foundations for Journaling with the Inner Critic
Show Notes

Have you ever been the victim of your own harshest criticism?

If you are prone to being prey to your Inner Critic - the negative voice in your head that tells you that you are not good enough - journaling can be a powerful tool for releasing yourself from a painful spiral of self-sabotage.

In this episode, I share two journaling practicies that help you to lay a foundation for working with the Inner Critic by invoking and embodying your grounded adult self as a solid place from which to engage with the Critic.

We use the techniques of the Character Sketch and Unsent Letter, with a total writing time of around 20 mins.

You can read more about my personal reckoning with the Inner Critic in this blog post.

If you are menstruating or tracking your cyclical rhythm with the moon, you may find it helpful to listen the the founders of Red School, Alexandra and Sjanie, talking about the Critic in this podcast episode.

Read more info and book your place on my Inner Critic journaling workshop here

I hope that this episode has supported you on your journey of creativity and connection.

Thanks to lesfm for providing the theme music, 'In the Forest'.

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