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Self Care Journaling for Mums 2 - The Multiplicity of Motherhood

November 25, 2022 Roshnii Rose, JourneySong Season 2 Episode 2
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Self Care Journaling for Mums 2 - The Multiplicity of Motherhood
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You are a mother, true. And you play or have played so many other roles in your life too.

In today's episode, I invite you to delve into the magnificent multiplicity of who you are beyond and including your role as a mother. I offer two writing prompts, each with its own short entrance meditation. The first is to enable you to acknowledge the various roles that you play in your life and the second is to write a written portrait or 'character sketch' about one of these personas that you embody.

This is the second in a four part series of podcast episodes in which you are invited to use journaling as a radical act of self care to reflect on your experience, joys and challenges of being a mum.

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I hope that this episode has supported you on your journey of creativity and connection.

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