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Self Care Journaling for Mums 1 - Mothering is...

November 18, 2022 Roshnii Rose, JourneySong Season 2 Episode 1
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Self Care Journaling for Mums 1 - Mothering is...
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What does Mothering mean to you?

In this short and sweet episode, I talk about the immense rite of passage that it is to become a mother and offer a simple writing prompt, 'Mothering is...' , with a suggested writing time of 5 mins, to give you an opportunity to explore what being a parent means to you.

This is the first in a four part series of podcast episodes in which you are invited to use journaling as a radical act of self care to reflect on your experience, joys and challenges of being a mum.

I mention the term matrescence and the work of Amy Taylor Kabbaz as a means of capturing the enormity and impact on one's physical, mental and emotional being, as a result of giving birth and raising a child. It can be difficult to articulate the life-changing shift that occurs when you have a child and matrescence is the closest word that I have come across that does it justice.

I hope that this episode has supported you on your journey of creativity and connection.

Thanks to lesfm for providing the theme music, 'In the Forest'.

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